The UV filter from Hama is a must have for avid photographers

Primarily developed to provide protection to the camera lens, the UV filter has a number of benefits. The filter protects the lens from scratches, dust and finger-marks with can be hard to clean and impair the quality of a photo.

The filter can also help to make the cleaning of your camera a much easier task; a lot of camera lens’ are curved and recessed, the flat surface of the filter means that maintaining your cameras cleanliness is a more straightforward task. The protection of your camera lens can also help to increase the resale price of your camera when the time comes for an upgrade, because your lens is still in mint condition.

In addition the UV filter can improve the quality of your photos by making them clear and sharp in black and white and colour. Ultraviolet rays often make photos appear pale and grey; with UV filters the photos are richer in contrast, the filter absorbs the ultraviolet rays without effecting visible light balance. The UV filter can also help to improve the clarity of the film by reducing the amount of ultraviolet light that reaches it. Because the lens is coated on both sides, minimal flare is produced when the lens is pointed towards bright light.


  • Absorbs ultraviolet rays and protects the front lens of the camera lens from scratches, dust and fingerprints
  • Transparent
  • AR coating: two layers on each side, for better light transmission 
  • Quality standard (glass): high-quality lens glass

Impact on the pictures:

  • Clear, sharp photos
  • Absorbs ultraviolet rays up to 390 nm
  • Reduces haze and prevents fuzziness

Technical details:

Coating: AR-Paid
Filter Thread: 49 mm
Metal Mount: Black
Mount Thickness: 5 mm
Type of Glass: High-Grade Lens Glass


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Hama UV Filter 390 | AR coated 49.0 mm

By Hama

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At a glance

  • Hama UV Filter 390
  • A must have for avid photographers
  • Absorbs ultraviolet rays and protects the front of the lens from scratches, dust and finger marks
  • Transparent
  • AR double sided coating for better light transmission

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